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    Default Re: My ten favourite sailing books!

    I read it an awful long time ago, and before I had much sailing experience, but at that time I found Chichester a real bore. My recollection of it is just a sequence of 'wind got up, reduced sail; wind down, increased sail; self steering broke, fixed it, wind got up. . .' I did find his 'round the world' (?) flying book interesting, though.

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    1. “We didn’t mean to go to sea”, if I am not allowed all the Ransomes as one book!
    2. “Down Channel” - RT McMullen. Yacht cruising starts here!
    3. “Yacht Cruising” - Claud Worth.
    4. “Sailing Seamanship and Yacht Construction” - Uffa Fox
    5. “Cruising under Sail” - Eric Hiscock
    6. HW Tilman - The sailing books (omnibus edition).
    7. HB Cooke Cruising (Dick Wynne’s omnibus edition).
    8. Admiralty Manual of Seamanship 1937 edition
    9. LF Herreshoff - “The Compleat Cruiser”
    10. Cheat - all the first editions of the Mariners Library!

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