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    Default Re: Southerly 115 DS. (Series1?)

    We bought a 115 series 3 just 12 months ago - the last version with the single rudder, with wings added, before the twin rudder series 4

    I would endorse what a couple of others have said - definitely prefers to be sailed a bit more upright.

    Keel is 2.6 m when down and seems to point reasonably well

    There is a lot of weight downstairs, with both the castiron keel and the lump of iron in the grounding plate, which I understand will keep her well planted in a bigger sea, but makes her a bit slow I lighter someone else points out, not the biggest sail area for a boat of its length and weight

    But so spacious, solid, well built, a real pleasure to be on.

    We love ours

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    Default Re: Southerly 115 DS. (Series1?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cardo View Post
    Ours, as with some others, was modified by the previous owner to swap the single rudder for twin transom hung rudders. The rudders work well, though I did have to fix the bodged implementation!
    Interesting. Any where I can find info and photos? Any feedback on how it steers?

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