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    I am looking for a small keelboat for weekend cruising. My local broker has a Trident 24 listed, and she loks pretty near the mark. Can anyone give me any info on the class how the boat handles and performs, and any dodgy areas to look for?

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    Quite a popular design in the late 1960's, Alan Hill design. I seem to recall several different keels were fitted,i.e. centreboard, fin. Many had outboard engines, although I think one or two were fitted with Vire petrol inboards. Pretty but limited accomodation by modern standards. The usual faults with grp of this age. High moisture readings possible osmosis, but then nearly all GRP over 20 years will be a candidate for that, probably not terminal. Look for plywood bulkhead deterioration, and depending on the type of keel, hull cracks close to keel root. Some were home built ....some to a low standard which will be apparant now. A survey will show the majority of these shortcomings. Most owners praised them.
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    I had a 3 keel version years ago (centre keel + bilge plates) with a 7hp volvo diesel. The engine was crap (old MD1) but the boat was lovely. Bit tender by modern standards, stiffens up as heel increases. Proper boat shape, sails well and comfy below except very small compared to a modern 24'. The one I owned was home built but to Lloyds 100A1 and was better than factory build, so don't rule out a home build if its well done. Mine was built in 1967 I think and is still going strong.

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