Some few years ago Mrs Mate (aka SWMBO) and I were with our sailing club on the London Sailing Project ketch “Donald Searle” on a trip to Cherbourg when it was the Macmillan fund’s biggest coffee morning in the world. Mrs Mate supplied fruit cake and took money for coffee and cake from all aboard and raised around £50 for Macmillan nurses etc. (You paid double if you threw up, as you savoured it twice, both up and down). When we sent in the money raised and filled in their form we gave a lat and long as our address and Macmillan, who were looking for all the publicity they could get, managed a short item in the local paper together with a photo of Mrs Mate in her foul weather gear.

This year Mrs Mate has just been diagnosed with cancer and this has put paid to our joining the Scuttlebutt Cherbourg trip. However, the 24th is the day of the annual Macmillan fund coffee morning for 2004. How about emulating our original example and each boat doing a collection for Macmillan on the way over – and even if you’re going on the Saturday you needn’t be shy – Macmillan will be delighted to receive your money – even if you can’t contribute to the record for biggest coffee morning ever.

To make life easier Twister Ken has agreed to collect contributions at the meal in Cherbourg and combine and send to the Macmillan fund.

If you want to add to the numbers for the biggest coffee morning in the world details of Macmillan coffee morning (including posters, signing in sheets etc) are <A target="_blank" HREF=>here</A>

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