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    Default Holiday Mansion


    Has anyone imported into the UK a Holiday Mansion or Gibson from the USA. I'm aware of the

    RCD issue and VAT / duty but are there other, better hidden, problems awaiting me?!

    The boat owner I'm currently speaking with has told me to expect to put 2 gallons an hour

    into her at 8 knots cruising speed on a 39' x 12' hull. Sound about right (2 x 200hp Volvo,


    Has anyone dealt with the 60 / 50Hz issue? A step-down transformer will cost me about?

    With regard to the RCD should I get her tested for group C or D? Will this choice effect my

    insurance cost? Insurance expensive for a liveaboard on the Thames, in a secure marina?

    She is called a 'coastal cruiser'. Will it be possible to take a boat like this acrosss to

    France or Germany and travel the canals? Is it possible to hire a captain for the trip


    Thanks very much, bye.

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    Default Re: Holiday Mansion

    My boat was a 110Volt boat, the genartor had a switch from 110 into 240 !

    The power goes into a big box (MAstervolt) that supplies the leci to the boat and charges the batteries !

    Sorted !

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