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    Default Re - Did the same thing last year.

    Like you we had a co-owner. We got him to sail Hamble to SW Ireland and a couple of weeks later we drove his car over. He drove back, we cruised up to Dingle and back and then sailed home (strong Easterlies the whole way).

    Worked perfectly.

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    Default Re: Hamble to Ireland

    Agree with all the comments about the delights of SW Ireland. However, rather than use our own boat (Dartmouth based) we twice decided to charter, once from Dingle when we cruised down as far the Fastnet and another time from Kinsale when we sailed west as far as Schull. On both occasions we 'sailed' overnight on the Swansea-Cork ferry. Very reasonable rates with 4 in a car, especially in May. Although nice to use your own boat at least we got to cruise Ireland. With your time limitations and the vagaries of the weather it's quite possible you won't even get there - or back! Either way, good luck.

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    Default Advertise your mooring \'TO LET,ONE MOORING\'...

    ... you mean so-and-so!!

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    Default Leaving boats

    What's so much more dangerous to your boat in Newlyn than say Poole. Certainly safer than the Hamble - not so crowded

    I've quite frequently left my boat in safe berths, with or without locals to keep an eye on her - Newlyn has one major advantage, an excellent RNLI crew with clear view of the harbour who actually know a lot about boats and the local waters.

    My boat has had extended holidays in :
    Moulin Blanc: Brest
    La Foret Fouesnant
    la Rochelle

    To name just the places in the last 4 years.

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    Default Re: Hamble to Ireland

    Southern Ireland is great!! Kilmore Quay is an excellent marina to start from. The harbourmaster, Mr. Barret, is very helpful. Kilmore Quay is only twenty minutes by taxi to Rosslare Ferryport. Don't miss Kehoe's pub. Excellent seafood, massive portions and the pub is like a maritime museum with bits of boats everywhere. The owner is a salvage diver and they even have a guide book explaining the contents. You don't have to go around the Saltee's to enter. Check out the cruising directions by the ICC. Further down the coast, Cork Harbour is excellent. Don't miss Crosshaven and East Ferry with the Marlogue Inn. Kinsale is also brilliant. The spinnaker bar is a sailors heaven. Billy Long in the KYC marina is very helpful. If you like a spot of racing check out the Biennial Soveriegns Cup. They have a cruising class but it won't be on again until 2003. For info on charters and a cruising guide check out and happy sailing.

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    Default St Patrick\'s Bridge

    Whilst it is quite feasible to go in behind the Saltees, there have been two occasions when I've gone through and the marker buoys weren't there _ with less than 2m on either side of the channel the tension can be considerable.

    Besides the leading marks are easier to pick up from due S.

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    Default Re: St Patrick\'s Bridge

    This is feasible, have done it in flat calm conditions with a reasonable amount of water underneath with no problems. Once the seas are up, don't even bother. To quote an Irish man who knew what he was talking about (apparently) 'Only a madman would think about it!'

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    Default Re: St Patrick\'s Bridge

    Well as it happens I am an Irishman. You are correct, the St. Patricks bridge area is only advisable in good weather and good seas. The Irish Cruising Club sailing directions are an excellent guide to all Irish waters and I find them excellent for this type of approach. They can also give some excellent directions for inshore passages instead of staying outside everything and they are a great way to save time in good conditions. An example of this is the route given for going inside the Tusker Rock when traveling along to Irish coast. I used it while on a delivery from Dublin to Cork.
    There is talk of building a new breakwater with a marina inside in Kilmore Quay. I spoke to the harbourmaster, Eddie Barret during the summer and he said that it is getting too cramped so they are looking into changing the existing harbour back to commercial and building a new marina purely for pleasure boats. It was packed every time I visited this summer.

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    Default Kilmore Quay

    Give my regards to Eddie - it was he and the rest of the lifeboat crew who got me (and the boat) our second baptism.

    I got into Kilmore early one Sunday morning (01.00) and couldn't understand why it was so crowded, trawlers tied up outside, the only place I could burrow into was the pontoon alongside the lifeboat.
    Came the morning and it started with the RNLI coffee (we'll supply the coffee, you supply the wobblies), so that by the time the priest arrived to bless the boats, the only way I could stand upright on my foredeck was because Eddie and another were propping me on either side.
    Mind you the couple, from Glasgow, on the boat next to me were in even more dire straits.

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    Default Re: Hamble to Ireland

    Dear Philip,

    I note from your e mail that you are considering options for moving your boat to Ireland for next summer. I may be able to help.

    I sold my boat earlier this year having hardly used it during the previous 3 years because of a non sailing wife and daughter.

    I hold a yachtmaster certificate to which I am about to add a commercial endorsement, having passed the necessary medical a few days ago.

    I and a few friends in the same position as me are reduced to chartering, having recently chartered in Western Scotland from a Yachtmaster Instructor. I could, along with my crew, move your boat to Ireland or somewhere closer than your home port, such a Milford Haven, from where you could start your holiday.

    From my point of view I would get a passage in, which I enjoy, and from your's you would get your boat nearer to where you want it at no cost.

    If you are interested I am sure I could get a reference from the Yachtmaster I recently chartered from.




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