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    It would be most foolhardy, and extremely dangerous for the flotilla to set off on this passage without a market researcher. We need feedback forms, volunteers to hand our more questionnaires outside Mme La Plumes, an equipment survey and a poll of the population of Cbourg to establish whether we will be welcome back. I am your man and humbly put myself forward as Researcher-Of-The-Fleet.

    Happy to multi-task and cook the breakfast as well. I wash bottles too.

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    Would you like the deck brush stuck up somewhere, so you can scrub the decks at the same time?

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    OK I know you're all too polite to ask so I'll make it a little easier

    So we go on a "nanny goat" across the "housemaids knee"
    Expect to grab a couple of "Britney Spears"
    And maybe a bit of "Lilley and Skinner"
    If we get too "elephant's trunk"
    we go back for a "feather and flip"

    All clear now cock?


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    A friend I sail with is a diesel mechanic.This was allways a great comfort to me until the one time our Yanmar stopped 2 minutes with his head in the engine compartment and he retired to a bunk with a bucket.

    This then left a plumber to turn the crank handle while the retired sheetmetal worker bled the fuel pump.

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