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Thread: Great Weekend

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    Default Great Weekend

    Well done Big Nick, T K, and Tome, I remember meeting some of you..
    Toooo many faces and names. (Maybe the Alc had summat to do with it )
    Words fail me it was Fabulous.
    Crew had a ball.
    Left at midnight and missed the tide into Christchurch by about an hour so spent the pm off Hengistbury H fishing. Got in at 1845 after a few groundings.

    Just in case anyone missed my recitation due to their(?) over indulgence, here it is again!
    Cheers Bob E..
    This is the tale of Sonia Snell,
    To whom an accident befell.
    An accident which may well seem
    Embarrassing in the extreme.
    It happened, as it does to many,
    That Sonia had to spend a penny.
    She entered in with modest grace
    The properly appointed place
    Provided at the railway station,
    And there she sat in meditation,
    Unfortunately unacquainted
    The woodwork had been newly painted
    Which made poor Sonia realise
    Her inability to rise.
    And though she struggled, pulled and yelled
    She found that she was firmly held.
    She raised her voice in mournful shout
    "Please someone come and help me out."
    Her cries for help then quickly brought
    A crowd of every kind and sort.
    They stood around and feebly sniggered
    And all they said was "I'll be jiggered."
    "Gor blimey" said the ancient porter
    "We ought to soak her off with water."
    The Station Master and the staff
    Were most perverse and did not laugh
    But lugged at Sonia's hands and feet
    And could not get her off the seat.
    The carpenter arrived at last
    And, finding Sonia still stuck fast
    Remarked "I know what I can do',
    And neatly sawed the seat right through.
    Sonia arose, only to find
    A wooden halo on behind.
    An ambulance came down the street
    And bore her off, complete with seat
    To take the wooden bustled gal
    Off quickly to the hospital.
    They hurried Sonia off inside
    After a short but painful ride
    And seizing her by heels and head
    Laid her face down on the bed.
    The doctors all came on parade
    To render her immediate aid.
    A surgeon said "Upon my word
    Could anything be more absurd,
    Have any of you, I implore,
    Seen anything like this before?"
    "Yes" said a student, unashamed,
    "Frequently... but never framed."

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    Default Re: Great Weekend

    Bob, was it your legs I saw sticking out of a lavender bush in front of the hotel?

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    Next time, it'll all be different.

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    Default Re: Great Weekend

    Bugger I thought my sworn to secrecy mob were the only witnesses....

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    Default Re: Great Weekend

    Nah ... we saw them as well. Was it really a lavender bush?

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    Brexit: ‘taking back’ what we had never lost, in order to lose everything we had...

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    Default Re: Great Weekend

    Sorry, I'm not normally into plants 'n things, could have been an oak for all I know, then I'd not've fallen!?

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    Default Re: Great Weekend

    Nice to meet you. You were very charming company, in spite of having drink taken!

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