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    Not at the moment thanks


    Yes I think that what I think the thread is about too!

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    I think you are dreaming a bit if you believe the government will show remorse and fight to protect jobs.

    This is not aimed at AFrogley by the way!

    When Ford ceased production of the Escort in order to build the Focus it had two plants in need of the work. Halewood in Liverpool, and the plant in Germany. Halewood had a tainted past (in the past) but over the last few years the workforce had been well behaved as far as production and no strikes was concerned.

    The work was transfered to Germany, why? Because Ford knew the UK Government would roll over and let them do it, the Germans would have backlashed the USA and caused all sorts of problems for the Ford motor company with respect to imports etc.

    So, if you are hoping, I really would give up, this Government is going to put taxes on, they will do it because the voices in their head from the EU tell them to. Our fuel will be the same as the road pumps.

    Have yachts have nots!

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    Everyone should get rid of their larger than need be cars or
    Everyone should share their journeys with others.
    Everyone should give up drinking.
    Everyone should give up smoking.
    Everyone should pay their personal tax promptly and in full.
    Everyone should turn their thermostats down.
    Everyone should stop using air travel.
    Everyone should have and use a bicycle.
    Everyone should convert their boats to steam with a gas fired boiler or
    Everyone should give serious consideration to becoming Ragbaggers.

    Everyone that is except me.

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