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    I am at present varnishing parts of the boat and looking for a really good finish. Lots of coats and 600 grade wet and dry sandpaper between. When last coat is applied, 16 to be precise, is there anything else I have to do, eg to bring up a really good shine? I am using International Yacht Varnish. Many thanks in advance

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    With 16 coats it should have a good shine already. I have used car wax polish that also helps to protect the varnish

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    Be careful with 600 grit, as it may be a bit too fine. 400 between coats, except the last one, is perhaps better.

    Top tips:

    - Use a tack rag, literally a few seconds before you apply your varnish

    - Apply thin, even coats

    - When the grain is filled in (ie lowest point of the varnish is above the wood), flat it back quite hard with 120 grit and medium hard sanding block, leaving time before hand to ensure it has throughly cured. Grain pits cause a little dip in the finish, which will show up, and if you ignore them, the surface is irregular. Flatting it back may take off a lot of varnish, but if you want 'mirror finish' varnish there is no other way. Anything you put on it after flatting back, will be flat. You know when you have flatted back enough because the surface will be completely white, with no shiny grain pits showing.

    - varnish at a good time. At this time of year, the air is often humid up to 11 am and after 4 ish. Start as early as possible after 11am to allow time for the varnish to cure. Too high humidity leaves a white bloom on varnish, which is a nightmare.

    - use good application tools. Bit of a plug for my own stuff, but Jennybrushes are the thing to use (you can buy them on Ebay).

    Best of luck!

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    Shameless, Roland, but justified.

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    A satisfied customer.

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