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    Default Re: glasgow pontoons, broomielaw etc

    There is a large pontoon at the Braehead centre on the south side a few hundred yards past the cart river and rothesay dock, or you could raft alongside a boat in rothesay dock itself. You wont get to broomielaw with mast up.
    A few years ago i launched hb at rothesay dock with mast off and motored to glasgow green weir at nautical college.
    Not sure who contact is for breahead pontoon.
    If you do decide on rothesay dock let me know and i will open gate (to road) to let u get out and even give u a lift to glasgow and back. I live a half mile from the dock.
    There is also a modern pontoon out of the main river beside the titan crane/clydebank college just down stream of rothesay dock.
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    Default Re: glasgow pontoons, broomielaw etc

    I'm contemplating a trip to the city via the Clyde.

    After checking out the links on this thread and quite a bit of Googling, I found this document from the port authority. It looks excellent seems to have all the info required for a visiting yacht.

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