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    Default CD ROMs - any good ?

    I want to start studying for day skipper. Has anyone used a CD ROM for this?
    Are they any good? The RYA site has 'The Complete Course' CD.
    Any views on it? Is it worth it or am I better off with a good book?
    There seems to be a lot of material out there - any suggestions, reviews etc
    will be gratefully accepted.

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    Default Re: CD ROMs - any good ?

    If you want to study at home."The complete course " is very good.Get the practise charts and tables from the RYA. Bout 60 the lot.Not sure how you take the exams.speak to longbow. but if you study all the theory you would have no problems taking the yacht master shore based course.good luck

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    Default Re: CD ROMs - any good ?

    The biggest problem with doing it from home like this is that IMHO, so much of it is so deadly boring that you end up skipping stuff and just doing the "interesting bits". Don't you have an evening class anywhere near you? Our local school runs a 2 hrs a week class that makes you do all the boring stuff as well as the good stuff. That way you cover the whole syllabus. Takes 22 weeks and all for only 105. I did YM last year and my wife's doing the Day Skipper this winter. Oh and that's in Bedfordshire, not exactly close to the coast, so there may be a course near you that you could slot into. I know that the lecturer for the YM I did was planning to do a Saturday morning course this year for those who couldn't make a weekday evening. Worth asking your LEA.

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    Default Re: CD ROMs - any good ?

    I'd also recommend the evening class approach - it can be very good if you get a good teacher, as I was lucky enough to have.

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    Default Re: CD ROMs - any good ?

    No replacement for a good human teacher, I did say good!

    If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong.

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    Default Re: CD ROMs - any good ?

    I am about 80% thro evening classes 2 nights per week gets it over quick. I've studied books but the classes make you have the discipline to study all the course and a good teacher brings it to life!

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    Default Re: CD ROMs - any good ?

    I bought the one for 50 and whilst it had everything on it, I didn't gain anything I couldn't get out of the very good Dorling Kindersly 'The Complete Sailing Manual'. I also found that it needed more memory than my steam driven home PC was supplied with so could only use it at work. This wasn't a practical long-term solution, so I sent it back and they were good to their word and offered a full refund under the 30-day trial offer.


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