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    Default Looking for a Camera.

    Hi all, I am in need of a Camera, as well as PC and tech stuff like TVs etc this is over my head on what to to get.

    My budget is around £80, not a clue if this will get what i want. Which is, good picture, some sort of remote shutter button switch if that is what you call it to take a picture. Maybe videos recording as well. Oh and Tripod.

    I will need to download the pics to my lap top by USB cable.

    I will leave that with you guys as there is bound to be somebody who knows what i am on about while i go mooch the net.

    All Best for Christmas and New Year


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    Default Re: Looking for a Camera.

    I personally use a Canon 70D for 150-200$ to shoot sketches cause it can handle long period of recording , but it just depends on what you really want to do on Youtube.

    I suggest you figure out what you want to do , and then go from there . Every camera has its pros and cons!


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