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Please Guys

Own this new Suzuki and after starting the motor in my garage ( Tank ) i noticed this weird odd sound . Sound appears after putting the motor to normal idle after revving it up a bit. Is it Normal on a new 4 stroke Suzuki DF 115 ATL?
Sorry about the quality of the audio but on the 1st video odd sound is clear from minute 0:12 while on the 2 nd video the sound could be clearly heard from minute 1:00 onwards. Appreciate your help.
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Forgot to write that after a while on idling motor returns to normal ' sound '
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Hard to say from the video.

If the 115 has multi-stage intake (like it's bigger siblings) it might just be noise from air swirling whilst the valve adjusts to a setting.

A good run under varying load may solve it. Engines like to work
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Is your 2nd video showing a fault code 3-6 ??

Possibly a failed sensor leading to a slightly inefficient running causing the noise?
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If you mean the whirring noise then it sounds like a pulley or the tensioner on the alternator belt. You can remove the belt and spin the pulleys by hand to check for a bad bearing, and you can run the engine without the belt to see if the noise disappears. It could be a a bearing that after running a few seconds quietens down.
Yes after few minutes noise quiet down and seems to return to normal sound at idle. issue arise after revving a bit and then back to normal idle. Yes the strange sound is a whirring sound. Did you catch it on my videos? hope im explaining myself good. Im not mechanically inclined and all i want is to put my mind at rest cause wife is telling me im suffering from paranoia