Vintage Hand held VHF - Quasar ME 60
Not been used for several years and the battery is unserviceable. It was working when last used 10 years ago. Originally purchased probably around 1980
For spares or repair though it may still function
Please note the following points
It is very OLD
1 Battery is flat and almost certainly knackered
2 There is NO charger with this item ( there is a socket on the side for a charger )
3 Channels are determined by the crystals fitted
4 Channels fitted are 16, 8,6 & 67. (Ch 6 is 'A' & Ch 67 is 'B' on dial)
5 Replacement battery may be hard to source in UK (I believe it is available in USA) see pic below
6 As seen and described i.e. Not working & no charger
7 It does not float and is NOT waterproof
8 There is no user manual
9 it is about 30 years old

P & P £5.00
Screen Shot 01-11-17 at 07.20 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 01-11-17 at 07.13 PM.jpg