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    Default Sutton Bridge Moorings Complete

    Seems like the moorings at Sutton Bridge are complete at long last.


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    Default Re: Sutton Bridge Moorings Complete

    "Build it, and they will come"


    Driving along the A17 and over Sutton Bridge never made me think ooh I'll stop off here, but did notice some handy looking boats up on the hard standing, so maybe I am missing something. (Actually, that might have been Fosdyke)
    But then again, completely contradicting myself, I do fancy pottering round the Wash, so good on em.
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    Default Re: Sutton Bridge Moorings Complete

    The Sutton Bridge mooring pontoon has been years in the planning and execution. They call it a marina but I believe there are no facilities ashore - no toilets or showers. I believe its to be called Cross Keys Marina. However the means of booking a visitor berth appears to be well kept secret.

    I have visited Sutton Bridge by car . I am not sure the locals are particularly keen on visitors.

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    Default Re: Sutton Bridge Moorings Complete

    Personally, I think these are very welcome.

    I like the Wash, and convenient for some, but there's not many easy places to park.

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    I want to the viewing day - only about 80m on pontoon now (I think), but they said that perhaps more one day if enough interest shown.

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    Default Re: Sutton Bridge Moorings Complete

    A quick update on this thread.

    I have been a berth holder at Crosskeys Marina since it opened 12 months ago and am a resident in Sutton Bridge. It's convenient for me as it is only 5 mins walk from my house, but to call it a Marina is a joke. Apart from water and electric points along the single pontoon, there is absolutely nothing else at all. No rubbish facility, no pump out, no fuel, no chandlery no cctv. It is simply a single pontoon. To rub salt in the wound, the costs are £150 per metre per annum, compared to Wisbech Yacht Harbour further up the river which charges £135 per metre. Wisbech has full Marina facilities including lift out, hard standing, servicing, showers and toilets etc.

    Crosskeys 'Marina' offers nothing to the local community, not even a grassed seating area for families, even though it is overlooked by an overgrown river bank that could have been landscaped to make it attractive. Wisbech Yacht Harbour has been handed control of Crosskeys now, and I have already expressed my views regarding the over pricing, lack of facilities and poor forethought. There was a carpark and connecting path built for use of the moorings, but it is about a quarter mile walk, with nowhere at all to unload heavy items from boat to car. It's an example of engineers with no boating knowledge, building what they think is a good idea.

    When the application for moorings was released, it was oversubscribed several times over. When the prices were released and applicants notified, almost all dropped out with only about 35% of the moorings finally being taken up. Apart from a quick overnight stop before proceeding up the Nene, I can see nothing to attract new visitors at all.

    Currently at Sutton Bridge in Lincolnshire with boat moored nearby on the Nene


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