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    Default Crewing near London?

    Hello all

    I am wondering if there are any crewing opportunities around London and the S.E? Ideally commutable distances on the train.

    I'd be looking to get involved in any day and weekend sails (occasionally longer if work allows) to build miles and experience. I am a dayskipper (non-tidal) hold VHF, first aid and PB level 2. Have powerboated for the last year so a bit rusty on the sailing front so looking to get back up to speed.

    If anyone has any suggestions would be good to hear from you!


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    Default Re: Crewing near London?

    You may be intrested in a new Crew Pool project at Shotley Point Yacht Club Ipswich which is within fairly easy commute distance.The club guaranteed to give you oppertunaties to get you into flexable sail time as crew and thus allow you to develop your big boat sailing skills... nice bunch of guys make contact and they will give you more information.

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    Default Re: Crewing near London?

    Thanks! I'll take a look.

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    Default Re: Crewing near London?

    Just read the Crew Pool page on the Shotley Point Yacht Club website. What a great initiative and hope other clubs will follow suit.


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