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    Quote Originally Posted by Actionmat View Post
    Great, congratulations I'm very pleased to welcome someone to the Thames that's more than five feet wide and less than sixty feet long
    Glad to see you are prepared to welcome the narrow boats that now contribute quite a lot by way of registration and visitors fees ! :-)
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    Default Re: Hopefully returning to the Thames

    Trotmans making a mockery of all. Hes gone from 1 barge to at least 4 and attached are a whole heap of vessels in varying degrees of disarray.

    Hes tried with Airbnb & but taken off for obvious reasons.

    Hes pretty good at marketing the dream though.. Check out some 2019 links here:

    Happy reading.. I'm in the wrong game!

    Fines are less than mooring fees. It doesnt appear the local authorities or HMRC are pursuing him for running an unregistered business etc etc from these slumboats. Ho Hum

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