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    Default Perkins Prima M60

    I have a Perkins Prima M60 engine on my boat but do not know what the max / cruising revs are for this engine. It seems slow under power but I have been told that this engine develops its power at high revs. Can anyone advise?

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    Default Re: Perkins Prima M60

    I'm no expert, but since no-one else has replied, here's my 2 penny'th
    It's based on the Montego 2.0 diesel engine. Some info <A target="_blank" HREF=>here</A>, with access to data sheets if you log on to the site.

    (The link takes you to the home page. Getting to the relevant page isn't straightforward, so if you can't find your way there, PM me)

    Peak revs are given as 4000, so I'd expect about 3500 at full chat in gear. There are many reasons for it not getting there. Here are a few:

    If you get black smoke at full throttle:
    - Too big a prop
    - dirty bottom on boat
    - stiff gear/box/prop shaft/cutlass bearing
    - partially blocked exhaust
    - partially blocked air inlet
    - iffy injector(s)

    If not:
    - throttle not opening fully (cable loose)
    - blocked fuel filter(s) or line
    - iffy injector(s) or pump
    - low compression (will be hard to start, esp when cold)

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Perkins Prima M60

    It's the same engine as the Volvo Penta MD22, the spec sheet is at:
    59hp @ 4000 rpm

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    Default Re: Perkins Prima M60

    Thanks guys, next time I'm out I'll try revving the knackers off it and see if it helps.

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