A decent wind vane for the open oceans... I have no experience, and here in Norway they are sparse. I know the different ways they function, and for a reason I seem to think the Hydrovane could be just the right one for me. But they are expensive! -And I cannot find many of the for sale used in good condition.

My boat is a slim 35ft classic 70's style from Finland. Only 8,5ft wide. Has a fairly long fin keel (lead), and the rudder has a skeg. Steering is by tiller. It's VERY course stable, exept going with the waves of course.

What should I look for? What should I make up an opinion on before deciding?

Weight is an issue. So is the fact that I have installed a nice little platform back there, and I would really like to keep it (hence Hydrovane...). But I could get rid of it if I had to.

My boat (Artekno H35):