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    Default Israeli Pre-Arrival Form

    I am planning to sail to Israel in July or August. As mentioned on Noonsite, I requested the Yacht-IMOT pre-arrival form from the Israeli Navy and was today informed that this is for Israeli flagged boats and an all-Israeli crew.

    Does anyone have an update on the situation and know which pre-arrival form is to be requested from whom?

    Thanks for any input.
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    Default Re: Israeli Pre-Arrival Form

    You going to have to post more info here , something I been thinking of doing .

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    Default Re: Israeli Pre-Arrival Form

    Hi. I popped across to Haifa a month ago from Larnaca and didn't do any preparation at all. At about 20 miles off the Israeli Navy will call you persistently (vessel in position X etc) and when you answer will go through a detailed question and answer. They even want to know your parents names but didn't seem concerned about your sexuality! At 6 miles off we were met by a baby frigate which then went through the same palaver. On entering the harbour we were met by a harbour security rib which checked we knew where we were going and then followed us three miles to make sure we got there. There was a really friendly crowd on the pontoon to greet us. One them kindly put down his machine gun to take my lines .....I was single handed. I was then questioned by what I presume was an intelligence officer....she was quite charming and had clearly seen all the information supplied by radio. She did ask about my marital status and I thought I might have struck lucky but she wanted to know the surnames of my ex and all subsequent girlfriends. The whole purpose of the questioning seemed to be to establish if I had any links with Arabic nationals.

    All the Israeli officials I spoke to were extremely courteous and friendly and it was a really interesting experience. I wouldn't recommend Haifa marina though as it is in the middle of nowhere and the only transport is taxi.

    I only stayed two days. I sailed in company with a friend on his boat. They gave him a slightly hard time because he wasn't flying an ensign due to his broom stick breaking.

    Have fun



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