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Whatever happened before or however we answer your's and other questions there is only one answer: he shouldn't react like that.
He should call Port police (Kapetanija in CRO) or Police...

I keep my boat in Croatia but I sail every summer to Greece.
Of course morons are everywhere but Croatia still has a lot of problem with unemployment and PTSD (post traumatic stress with ex soldiers).
Mix that with chaos the state is in and very strong nationalism and you get what you see on that video. That is not the only recording of such a violent behaviour.

Island Silba is still a big problem. Bay "Mul" on the east side of the island has or better to say: had moorings in the small harbour but the guy taking care of that did not get along with the guy collecting money for buoys out of the harbour. Or was it opposite. Does not matter. They are crazy.
Croatia coastline with its islands is beautiful but unfortunately people are not.
I agree. There is no excuse for the behaviour of the mooring guy. It could have resulted in severe damages to the boat and physical injuries to people.
It also appear that the boat was outside the mooring field.