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    Default Re: Another new boat thread..

    Quote Originally Posted by Robg71 View Post
    What are these like, portofino 400
    I was surprised at its showing only 220hp per side, and I'm guessing has to be on v drive gearbox with the motors so far back...
    Tail heavy maybe... Nice interior though.
    Hi Rob,

    I have a Portofino 400 and absolutely love it but as with everything it's a compromise.

    It is a good sea keeping boat which cruises at 22-24 knots (mine tops out at 34 knots) and has masses of space for a 40' shaft drive boat. They are on V drives and with all that weight at the back they are a bit stern heavy. Having said that the trim tabs to a perfectly adequate job of keeping the bow down and the boat trimmed straight and level.

    The only real downsides which I have observed is to do with the getting onto the boat when berthing alongside (I have a 30kg dog and it's a bit of a challenge to get across onto the bathing platform) and getting up onto the fore-deck can be a bit treacherous.

    As said above, avoid the versions on stern drive as they are massively under powered with KAD 42's. The shaft drive variants came primarily with either 63P's (perfectly adequate) or CAT3126's (as mine has) which give the best balance imho.

    If you have any questions then please feel free to ask away.

    Good luck with the hunt,
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    Default Re: Another new boat thread..

    Many thanks for the replies ����
    Andrew.... Does the 40 have a reasonable size lazarette, or storage garage.
    Need some where to keep a tender and a couple of scuba bottles when not in use.
    Next tender I have will buy a torqeedo, I'm not messing about with petrol. Having said that, as long as it's got enough grunt to make progress in some of the tide runs.

    Got to say, so far I'm putting the Mustique at the top of my list. Size wise...

    Of sunseekers back then in general..
    Some had fully wood panelled interiors, and look stunning.
    Others had cheap doors that warp (probably exactly like my old one had)
    There is no accounting for taste.... Some hideous customer spec colours....
    I need to get on and have a look on a c46. See if the aft cabin does it for me...
    I did enjoy mine, so will see. These have a steep ladder as apposed to stairs on my old boat.
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