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    I have decided to roll over and accept the inevitable. I will cheerfully pay full road duty rates for my diesel, plus the usual 'marine surcharge'.

    Oh, one condition: I want Blair and Brown on primetime national TV, just ahead of any election, admitting that it has nothing to do with harmonisation of duty rates within the EU, it's just another opportunity to screw the middle classes over.

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    A good friend of mine actually said it would be better to petition for the road duty on fuel to be removed seeing as we dont use the road for our fuel why not say yes to removal of red dieel but also not to add road duty to it.

    Fair or not. dont forget it doesnt effect me either way as 1 I have no boat right now 2 I live in the CI and its duty free any way and 3 I will start bunkering 13 miles south west off the IOW.

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    Default Re: Rolling over

    How much is fuel in the CI?

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