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    Default First time to chichester

    I decide to go visit Chichester Marina and the yacht club at the weekend. I've not been past Itchenor before and not into the harbour for 20 years so was well overdue.

    All was well getting to the bar beacon...then the usual fun started....does nobody in this harbour understand which side of the water we drive on? I had to pick my way through and endless stream of craft coming out taking up all the deep water...just madness...and I thought the hamble was bad.

    The up into the marina big deal apart being given a berth right down the far end of a pontoon only to get there to find its way too narrow?....the being given another one that was already taken....finally got a nice berth for the night in the end.

    Off to the yacht clubs for dinner...oh dear...CYC not your finest hour I'm afraid....I am a veggie and all I could get was a child's jacket spud with cheese!!!...poor show CYC..very poor.

    Good nights kip and showers are great in the morning. Then off back to Hamble.

    Motor back down the channel to see dozens of large yachts, small yachts and just about anything with a sail tacking up the very narrow channel past Itchenor....alomost all had an engine and there was no need for it...just stupid and dangerous.

    Nice 20kts surfing trip back avoiding the rain.

    So would I hope back...yes but I'll eat onboard me thinks.

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    Default Re: First time to chichester

    Quieter than a normal weekend then! Never as bad as the Hamble Scramble. Yachts with deep keels do need to stay in deep water, any waves can put them on the bottom, but with a mobo you can more easliy manoeuvre to assist them. The larger yachts sailing up the Ichenor Reach are being selfish, though I have never had any problems with the few that insist on it (perhaps they just need tacking practice). Chichester Harbour houses thousands of boats, big and small, and by and large everybody gets on well - some of the dinghy "skippers" can be very aggressive though, and deserve a strong response. All in all, Chichester a great place.


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