.... the spin is meant to prepare us for what they wanted all along, something in between.

No doubt we'll be paying more than we are paying now and you can be sure that it will happen the simplest way possible with no regard for casualties.

So what's my point?

Well, some of you are very good at arguing your case and defending the interests of our hobby; so here's the challenge.

Assume the worst, 90p/lt etc. Now think. What can we do. How can we get around this?

Travel to Cherbourg for a fill? 12 mile limit bunkering? Fractional ownership of a road tanker? ...or a coastal one?

Come on people, let's plan ahead.


(I'm aware that passions can run high on this subject and some may be offended by this thread, in NO way do I wish to devalue the efforts made by all those supporting the Red Alert Campaign. Quite the contrary, I am a supporter now and will remain so as long as is needed. I just don't think UK Gov't / EU consider our numbers sufficient to warrant continued protection from - what must be considered by most civil servants to be - the inevitable.)

<hr width=100% size=1>"real friends buy their OWN boat"