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    Default Notice to Mariners Week 44

    6 UKHO notices this week:


    1. BELGIUM - Oostende - Legend. - Deletion of the legend regarding the Radar Surveillance Station at the entrance of the inner jetties of Oostende.
    2. ENGLAND - East Coast - River Thames - Long Reach - Depth. - one reduction of depth off Purfleet but at over 7m, not to worry;
    3. NETHERLANDS - Schouwenbank Junction - Pilot boarding place. - changed the Pilot changing place to match Schouwenbank safe water buoy;
    4. BELGIUM - Zeebrugge to Thorntonbank NW - Submarine power cable. - new power cable to be installed from west of Zeebruggee harbour entrance out to the Wind Farm;
    5. BELGIUM - Blankenberge - Depths. Buoyage. - revised buoyage to remark the shallow harbour and marina entrance - see images (like the others on:
    6. ENGLAND - East Coast - Orford Ness - Depths. Wrecks. - 11 new reduced depths and wrecks on this notice. However the area has been 'peppered' by NtMs this year so I have added all this year's previous changeds in the two images including this one;


    A quiet week hence at the first of the list is.......

    1. Dredgin' at Wells;
    2. London Array Windfarm - they have temporarily withdrawn the yellow North Guard Buoy for the Long Sand Middle Wave Buoy;
    3. Galloper WindFarm - Start from today for a prolonged survey from the cable route to the site - see image on the usual Temporary List;
    4. Havengore Bridge reported today back in operation!

    That's all. Just finishing the uploading on the web site - will be a few minutes yet.

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    Default Re: Notice to Mariners Week 44

    Many thanks, as ever...
    The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. -- Steven Wright


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