nothing to do with apples, of course - used here it is in the same sense as property/houses use the term "blight" - when a possible devleopment is hanging over a property with no decison due for ages, perhaps some years hence.

In previous thread, it is mentioned that only a 2% reduction in mobo industry would cost £20m in tax. Currently, there's no red diesel tax....but it is threatened. This is exactly the situation of property "blight" - except that property blight only affects a few houses, whereas here it affects a whole sector.

So! It makes sense for MBM and so on to press as hard as poss to come to a decision early, not late. Otherwise, with the decision being put off, the tax take will reduce and reduce without even putting on extra fuel duty. Also, useful figleaf for (splutter) tax-efficient Govt in advance of a general election, hm?

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