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    Default Re: Ongoing TAMD41A under power/ low WOT..ideas?

    Quote Originally Posted by petrolhead63 View Post
    Hi, many thanks indeed for your interest. sorry if I was not clear, no, on a load test if I set one engine to 1000rpm in gear and WOT the other the port engine is about 200rpm down on what starboard can achieve. 2500/2700
    The port engine is also 200rpm down at both WOT getting 2900/3100 and non load test port is 300 down on starboard though starboard is technically a little high 4100/4400
    Neither engine starts to cook on the single engine load test which I watch closely as it is overloaded really in this test.
    I have photos of the turbos both sides...I am not too experienced with them but they look good to me!
    I will add that when we first got it perhaps the early signs were there. They should pull WOT 3800 and being a storebro I know it would new have been correct, but we were getting about 3500/3600 perhaps marginally more but port was always a little less.
    Also, when new, the Storebro papers show the non load test with the starboard engine marginally lower than the port one by 100rpm and the governor stops are still factory sealed so never messed with. In other words off load some 28 years on for what is worth the port engine which did run faster is now slower WOT! not sure that tells us much ;0)
    Where is this boat located .?

    Test like this .
    One engine in neutral , other full throttle record attained rpm.
    Do same for other.
    Both in gear at idle ; full throttle then watch rev counters , they should rise together, if they don’t it’s more likely a turbo issue , check the o rings on the air inlet pipe and clamp from turbo to intercooler, check rear part of intercooler for corrosion .
    If possible do a boost pressure test on both engines , bring back data .
    This is a heavy boat I’ve never seen one make 3800/3900 rpm

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    Default Re: Ongoing TAMD41A under power/ low WOT..ideas?

    Hi, ok next time out which may at this time of year be a little while I will test with one in neutral...I was taught years ago to test with one nailed at about 1000rpm.
    The revs do rise equally as you acceplerate, although I think ultimately the port stick is further forward or cant be backed of after reaching say 2600 like the starboard can...and to cruise at its current near max the port stick is further forward the starboard one can back off a bit as usual.
    Intercoolers were stripped out, cleaned, new style plastic tops 2 years signs of leaks on joints.
    both turbos spin fee and look good to me...vanes do not look worn/corroded etc. Have photos if i can make smaller to post.
    To sum up if behaves and feels just like when we badly clogged primary filters in rough seas soon after purchase with black gunge...and it was then the port one that was really grim and starboard less so.

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    Default Re: Ongoing TAMD41A under power/ low WOT..ideas?

    Could have a blockage at the tank pickup end, how about making an adaptor for the filter vent screw that can take a rubber pipe and attach a pela type oil sucker and see how fast it can flow out and compare both sides.
    I have non-return bleed valves (designed for brake calipers) on both my engine filters and it makes bleeding the system an absolute doddle with a pela pump, I have been plagued by rust in the filters all this year so now have new stainless tanks en-route but has meant a lot of bleeding this year.

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    Default Re: Ongoing TAMD41A under power/ low WOT..ideas?


    In addition to the earlier good replies ...

    Have you checked the engine to fully open the lever when your control device is full trhotles.

    Another idea of ​​your pre fuel filters in the engines and the raw fuel filter, may be the difference between dirt and flow.

    Third is a turbo, can be carbon or bearing wear, you can watsh, remove airfilters system from the front of the turbo.

    The fourth is your gearbox and shaft where there may be a difference that causes the rmp difference.


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