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    Default Re: Check the bleedin' obvious!!

    Motoring to Dover, with my venerable Yamaha 5, suddenly - zilch - no spark, I was fortunate - got a tow back to Folkestone.
    I remembered that I'd had a problem with the kill switch, the earth lead had become detached because
    of contact with a throttle linkeage, fixed it, but on this short journey it had become detached again, but
    this time it came in contact with earth, ie. working effectively - all the time,
    Journey next time, completed successfully in spite of 13 year-old petrol in the tank!
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    Default Re: Check the bleedin' obvious!!

    Quote Originally Posted by bikedaft View Post
    i did that

    my engineer pal was in hysterics on the phone after he talked me through all the things to look at - "you have pushed the kill cable right back in haven't you?!?"
    My last boat did that, the stop cable only needed to be out a few millimetres. Only did it once......
    And lo and behold, having sold that boat last year, a few months ago the new owner texted me from some distant port. Couldn't start the engine, been all over it, couldn't find anything wrong......boy were he and his missus impressed, when I came up with the magic cure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pgtips View Post
    As it was a lovely day in East Sussex today I thought I'd take the boat out for a few hours.

    Tried starting the engine and although it turned over fine it wasn't firing. As it usually starts first time, was fine a couple of weeks ago when I went out and has recently been serviced, I was surprised at the lack of starting.

    Made sure there was fuel in the tank, which there was and checked for obvious signs of anything amiss in the engine bay but nothing.

    Was about to break out the tool kit but thought I'd give it one more try and then realised that the engine stop pull was slightly out. Pushed it in and normal service resumed!

    As the stop pull is right next to the starter button don't know how I missed it?!
    I always pull the kill cable out and in a few times before starting to prime the pump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinnacle View Post
    Been there and done that!

    It happened when I was on anchor in the River Crouch. A very worried moment as i thought about how i could get a mechanic onboard should I need one.

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