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    Default Autohelm interfacing? B&G

    We have most of our boat systems running under a Hercules 3000 CPU- with an ACP1 Autohelm & processor. It runs with a B&G Fastnet network, but has NMEA 0183 inputs and outputs.
    The plotter we operate is a Vulcan 9 - with an interface from the boat B&G Fastnet to NMEA2000. That works fine, but is one way to NMEA2000. Hence the Autopilot function in the plotter does not command the boat Autohelm. (Both work perfectly well otherwise)
    I have considered another Actisense NGW-1 to translate NMEA2000 data back to NMEA0183 to that the ACP1 / Hercules systems can respond to steering commands from the plotter. (APB and some other command sentences) . (The plotter can already read Rudder position etc from the network via NMEA2000)

    B&G tech support seem to think it would work. Has anybody tried this way of linking a newer plotter to a previous generation of hardware/software?
    I'm not 100% convinced I will go ahead, so any experience would be welcome.

    Cheers.... more wires!!!

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    Default Re: Autohelm interfacing? B&G

    Actisense NGW-1 should do the trick nicely
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    Default Re: Autohelm interfacing? B&G

    The sentences/PGNs that the Actisense NGW1 translates are well documented on their website. If you can't find it let me know as I downloaded the PDF.

    Then just a matter of finding out from manuals what sentences/PGNs the other kit uses and comparing it to the Actisense list.


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