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Thread: Linux at sea

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    Will be giving it a go in the next few weeks. Just finishing off some galley works.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricane View Post
    Never tried Spotify under Linux but I've just finished a couple of weeks updating my various Kodi boxes.
    One was a Linux Mint XFCE build - Kodi does seem to initially work but you get all kinds of errors when installing Addons - the solution fof me was to remove some Python stuff that I think wss added using this command:
    sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
    This install is suggested in the oficial Kodi install instructions.
    It may not have been installed with that command but I removed it using this command
    sudo apt-get remove python-openssl python-cryptography python-setuptools python-pkg-resources curl
    And now Kodi is working really well under Linux Mint XFCE
    Even all the Addons - Covenant - UK Turk and iPlayerwww etc.
    These notes might help someone - it took me several hours to find a solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoHooter View Post
    ... by running them in WINE. And if a boat's PC is running Linux it doesn't cost much to have a laptop or a tablet for the things that Linux can't handle. I personally think there will be progress because Windows10 is causing problems for so many people.
    My experience of trying Wine is that it implements a subset of Windows function, there are many things it doesnt do. For me that includes the utility that configures my solar controller; other irritations have been finding it difficult to find drivers that will properly operate multi-function printers (print and scan mostly) as well as some utilities - cant remember if AirMail worked with Wine or not - the net is that this year I've gone the other way, moving from Mint (Cinnamon) to W10. Clearly I need to get on top of updates so that W10 doesnt burn through my data allowance and I'm not sure I've done that; the recent update to 1709 seemed to download automatically despite my best efforts but as I'm not currently onboard it didnt kill the allowance.

    Another way to approach the incompatibility problems running Windows programs, and assuming a fast enough machine, is to use virtualisation. The Oracle VM tools run well under Linux and can be set up to run Windows whilst accessing a common file system (though I used to run a dual boot system with a shared drive that W7 didnt always release cleanly). I've not chosen that route primarily because I find 'stuff' is better supported on Windows in general, though mostly drivers.

    One gotcha was that I had to replace a couple of Prolific serial/usb adapters as they werent genuine products, the Windows drivers for this are fussier than thier Linux equivalent.
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