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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardS View Post
    I assume that the test was with the boat tied alongside or at anchor? That might be an unfair test as once the boat actually starts moving backwards the motion might fully open the prop so this might be a design feature? Not based on real experience though, so might not be a valid hypothesis.

    Correct boat was at anchor. For last time in reverse I asked her to give it a burst of about 10s higher revs and I couldn’t see any discernible difference in amount of opening. You might be right that once actually moving backwards at 2-3 it’s it’s more open but I really need the stopping power when the boat is still moving forwards!

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    Default Re: 42DS reversing performance

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob_Webb View Post
    Thanks everyone. Amazing response and insights!

    Couple of thoughts / updates:

    1. Decided to go ahead with purchase of 42DS and sort prop afterwards - is evidently fixeable (pardon the deliberate pun)
    2. I know my wish list IS possible - because my current 35ft yacht behaves this way. Has saildrive and 2-bladed folding prop and behaves impeccably. Slight propwalk and obviously less bite in astern than ahead but reverses like a car and turns as well astern as ahead. Therefore this is my benchmark and my ask of the 42DS.
    3. Money not an issue so prepared to pay for best folding / feathering prop on the market - I just want to know what that is!
    4. Please no more comments about bow-thrusters - I KNOW they help and I will likely get one for next season but meanwhile I want to get the fundamentals of prop performance right.
    5. It's not end of season but start of season - summer is just starting here in NZ :-)
    6. Boat just lifted and anti-fouled so unlikely to be fouling issue - but I will do a quick lift & hold to check mechanics functioning ok

    Finally, this is an interesting review (unfortunately doesn't cover my Volvo prop) but seems to confirm Maxprop 3 blade and Flexofold 3B as v good options:
    Your from NZ. That explains it.

    Obviously, Prop walk goes the other way in the southern hemisphere.

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