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    Default Cheap Med Flights.... but it's Ryanair

    Ryanair have got a genuine sale on at the moment.

    I checked out flights to Mallorca in January and they are £10.00 return on certain days.

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    Default Re: Cheap Med Flights.... but it's Ryanair

    We've flown Ryan Air a couple of times, no problems what so ever
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    Default Re: Cheap Med Flights.... but it's Ryanair

    We use Ryanair all the time.
    Cheap and most of the time they are on-time.
    Unlike my experiences with BA.

    We had (yet another) bad experience with BA earlier this year - very late and loosing bags.
    When the customer satisfaction text came in, my comment to BA was "Ryanair don't treat us this badly".

    This autumn, we relied heavily on Ryanair - several flights to get the family out and back over the two weeks of the recent Ryanair cancellations fiasco.
    Ryanair didn't let us down then and all those flights were less than £25.

    On the other side of the arguement, SWMBO and I were let down by Ryanair (plane breakdown) a couple of years ago. Bur we got enought compensation from that flight to pay all our flights for the rest of the season so enen that could have been regarded as success.

    Yes - so go with them.
    All flying is subject to delays but Ryanair is as good as anyone.

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    Default Re: Cheap Med Flights.... but it's Ryanair

    another vote for Ryanair,
    I don't choose on price, but rather on available flights / my time scedule (within budgettary limits)
    but alway's first look for Ryanair options,
    I like the pragmatic and efficient approach, you get what you pay for.
    I book the flights from my I-phone,
    all data, also passport and credit card is saved in my login, so very efficient,
    also the online check-in,
    in some airports you have now even DIY Luggage check-in,
    I alway's book seats with more legroom, preferably on the first row, (get off the plane quickly)
    so you automatically get priority boarding and don't need to wait in a long que.
    I book Luggage whenever I need, and don't compromise on that.

    Nothing todo with Ryanair,
    but for those randomly searching for flights,
    this site is really fantastic !

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    Default Re: Cheap Med Flights.... but it's Ryanair

    On my last Ryanair flight I checked in online and jumped on the coach to Bristol. When I got there the flight had been cancelled. I went to the desk and was told they cancelled it the previous night (but still let me check in and allocate me seats on said cancelled flight!). I ask what my options were and they said "try Easyjet"
    That's the problem with Ryanair, their customer service is nil. Just try and find their phone number on their website. The online chat is usually down and they don't respond to emails.
    Easyjet is much more civilized and they don't pester you every five minutes for drinks/snacks/duty free/scratch cards etc.
    Both fly Bristol to Alicante so I usually pay a few quid more for Easyjet unless times and availability don't work for me.
    When an Easyjet plane broke down and we waited 5hrs for another one they paid the 250 euros each (x4) without fuss.

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    Default Re: Cheap Med Flights.... but it's Ryanair

    EasyJet dumped me at Barcelona, with 2 kids at 3 am having left Gatwick 4 hours late.
    They refused to provide any help for onward travel and i had to threaten court action to get the basic EU261 compensation paid.

    Ryanair are not perfect, but they have also never done that
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