I fell over this game/simulator the other day and whilst its still very much in development, they have early access and I've been generally impressed.

Essentially its a sailing sim, working online via Steam.
Its an open world so you can sail anywhere to anywhere.
All in real time and using real time weather.

Currently the boats available are limited to a mini Transat, 38' cruiser/racer, 52' blue water cruiser, 52' cat and a 50' performance yacht which appears to be based on the Pogo.
Controls take some getting used too as there's so many of them, including tweakables such as the cunningham, sheet leads, traveler, backstay, kicker etc....

Theres a promise of adding real time tides and even port data though that's an immense task.
If the number of takers increases I think this sim could be really good fun and educational at the same time.