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    Default French-Californian sailing couple for east-west passage beginning of January 2018!

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    Are you looking for crew to sail to the Caribbeans from the Canary Islands via Cape Verde beginning of January?

    We are Perrine (33) and Nate (29) from France and California and we just touched ground two weeks ago at La Graciosa from Galicia via Madeira. We had to tack on the last leg so it took us over 1000 nm.

    In 2015, Perrine decided to leave the rat race and soon sail across the Atlantic. Since then she's helped restoring a wooden sailing ship in Copenhagen, joined an amazing skipper in New Zealand who takes teenagers in the wilderness to connect with their environment (met Nate while hiking alone for two weeks in between two trips), kept sailing in French Polynesia...
    She's at sea since July and has crewed with 4 different captains in the Baltic, Med, Atlantic and logged over 4000 nm in 5 months (2300 nm coastal and 1800 nm offshore).
    She faced a Captain over board situation on her second day with a Swedish captain... left alone with both sails up and no engine. She got him back onboard and they both learnt a lot from the experience! Yes, even a Captain, retired from the Navy who used to never wear a life jacket...

    Nate is joining the dream and is a great asset to any crew since he's a jack of all trades. On the second day of our last navigation, the spinnaker pole broke, the captain was upset but allowed Nate to access the tools (lol) and an hour later, it was fixed! Nate loved the offshore experience, the night watches, hand steering...
    He got the main knots within 10 minutes, he doesn't suffer seasickness at all! His dad did a lot of racing and built a trimaran with school buddies when in high school and sailed it from San Francisco to the Gulf of Mexico so maybe it's in his blood!

    We both love adventure, outdoors, visiting remote places, slow travel, people and contributing.
    We are easy going and easy to get along with. We don't smoke, we don't drink and we want to be full part of the adventure, learn as much as possible because the next dream is to get our own sailboat!

    Let's meet and see how we feel about sharing the voyage!
    We are going to explore La Palma island and go back to Las Palmas on Dec. 16th. We fly to France on the 19th to spend Xmas with the family and enjoy the Pyrenees. We'll be back on January 6th.

    Thanks for reading!
    Perrine & Nate

    Last FindaCrew review for Perrine:
    Perrine sailed with me and one other crew member on my yacht Sputnik from Gibraltar to Menorca from 17/9/17 - 12/10/17. The total trip distance was 750nm, 19 days sailing including several over nite passages during which time she was in sole charge while on her watch. Perrine quickly learned and became proficient in all aspects of running the yacht: hoisting and stowing sails, sailing on all points of the wind, tacking, gybing, operating the engine, using the navigation, autopilot, AIS and VHF, mooring and anchoring. Although Perrine discovered sailing quite recently, she is clearly a natural and loves being at sea. She was always positive, attentive, ready for action and focused on the task at hand. 
Her language skills (English, French, Spanish, German) and organizing skills were invaluable in helping with authorities, permits, provisioning etc. 
She also has great culinary skills, loves cooking good food yet drinks nothing but water. 
Perrine has an warm, engaging and confident personality, highly developed interpersonal skills combined with a great sense of humour / joie de vivre which very positively contributed to the atmosphere on board. She is delightful to spend time with, has a habit of bursting into song at any time, sharing stories, and lighting up the lives of everyone around her. Perrine is well educated, well travelled and possesses a wisdom beyond her years. She leaves no footprint on the environment but but makes a huge impact on the people she meets on her travels. Quite simply I could not ask for a better shipmate and I highly recommend her to any future skipper. 

    Howard, S/V Sputnik
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