subject says it all really...

about to replace service bank batteries. Had 2X2X180Ah (MiToS is 24V) flooded normal lead acid batteries that I stupidly killed (say 70%) on the first month (three years ago) by leaving them dead empty for a month by mistake, don't ask!

So got my consumptions down carefully with the Victron 700 battery monitor (well should be close anyway!) and I recon that on anchor I'll be "burning" between 100 and 120Ah from dusk till dawn (hopefully with no vampires...). In the morning I'll follow Hurricane's advice and run the generator for an hour or so and during the day let the 600W panels do the top up.

So, looking at batteries I've come across the T-105 which I guess is considered one of the best service batteries around (not happy to spend the money for Gel...)
but the guy I'm going to be buying from here in Volos today came up with another brand that I've never come across before: Rolls.

Now searching deeper turns out that T105 is being phased out and replaced with a ever so slightly better speced SPRE 06 255 (which is not available yet in Greece...)

However, looking at the Rolls (say EHW 230), it seems that they are well under the Trojan specs: close to 2K cycles at 50% discharge on the Trojan and close to 1K cycles on the Rolls.

So, anyone familiar with them, are they worth it? Still haven't got prices on them so may be a no go, or maybe they are cheaper and I can get a 300+Ah setup at the same money that the T-105 would cost.
Mind, if I want to get more amps on the Trojans I'll have to get 8 batteries and get two quads in series as the larger capacity ones are almost 40cm tall and wont be easy to service and fill up in the available space, Rolls otoh have larger size and 300mm high batteries as amps climb and that's another Q, is a battery performing better when cells are tall or when they are wider and longer?