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Thread: Boot stripes

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    Default Boot stripes

    Where does the 'boot stripe' on a centre console outboard powered boat start/go/end?


    1. Should it go all the way round the boat?

    2. Should it go across the stern?

    3. Should it start say 3" along the side from the stern?

    4. Should it stop where the sides rise up at the bow or

    5. Should it just continue at x " above the antifouling/waterline?
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    Default Re: Boot stripes

    I would think that a boot-topping stripe looks best if it does go right around the boat. Although I suppose you could leave out the transom if necessary.
    You could have a white (or hull gelcoat colour) stripe between it and the antifouling, to give some contrast.
    Be aware when marking it on the hull to use a vertical datum for reference, rather than along the hull side - as the flare increases towards the bow, the actual width of the stripe on the hull will need to be increased proportionately to appear the same depth as further aft.
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