Just in time for your cruise around the Caribbean, your lazy Christmas in your favourite armchair at home or a better start to the New Year! I have just published the novel “Summer Storms” as a kindle ebook and a paperback on amazon. It’s always nice to have something sailorly to read over the cold winter months.

“It’s a thriller. Sailing adventure, political intrigue and double dealing in a Caribbean paradise with a walk-on role by the Carib-indians’ frightening god, Huracan. In these luscious Caribbean islands morality depends on ordinary people rising above their limitations.

This is fiction but fact often overhauls fiction, especially in the Caribbean. Tens of thousands have been killed on the Mexican border in drug wars; US drones in use over Mexico are denied by the Mexican president; CIA agents lied to Congress over US support to the Contras, were pardoned by President Bush senior and brought back into service by President Bush junior; a US congressman exposed the case President Reagan made for invading Grenada in 1983 as insubstantial. It is possible that a Trinidad prime minister paid for smuggled weapons for the army from his own salary. It is not impossible that the whole raft of economic and financial agencies set up by the US to deal with sovereign Caribbean nations was to encourage support for extraordinary rendition in their war on terror.

It would be hard to say where reality ends in this novel and fiction begins.”

Check it out. You can find me and get the details on amazon by following either of these links:



If you go into the kindle ebook version you can pre-read the first 9 chapters. Of course it gets more exciting after chapter 9.

Hope you like it