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    Default Poole Regatta - IRC

    Thinking about trailering down for this regatta (southern irc champs)
    Its three days, and just wondering is it normally three days of W/L or is there a coastal race and/or round the cans? just considering tweaking our sail set up and rating etc
    any useful info much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Poole Regatta - IRC

    Race courses over the three days are decided on a daily basis depending on the conditions expected that day. They run a combination of courses out in Poole Bay, so there is generally always a good option. I guess you have looked at the website for more info (, but you can also email the regatta secretary directly ( and the organisers will be able to give you more information. Hope that helps a bit. Enjoy the regatta, it is a great event.

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    Default Re: Poole Regatta - IRC

    In the past the Poole Regatta IRC racing has been largely a combination of W/L, Olympic triangles with some round the cans, but not really a coastal race. The multihulls tend to do longer distance races. Its shaping up to be a really interesting event this year as the Fast 40 and HP30s are coming down from the Solent for the weekend.
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