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    Default Re: Hairy Bikers do Sardinia

    Well spotted, P (and C)!
    I suppose that those folks were in CF around the end of may/beginning of June last year, 'cause that's the timeframe when the tonnara is working.
    And by that time, this year we were busy with the new toy in the Adriatic - that's why the old lady was still "closed", with the top lowered.

    Good call also ref. the restaurant, Andrea is indeed the place where we had dinner all together.
    I thought to go there that evening for you folks to taste it because, already back then, the place was beginning to surpass the other place right along the marina dock, which used to be the best of the island before its chef moved to Cagliari. In fact, it's no coincidence that also the bikers selected it - they must have had some good advisor for their route I suppose, because all the places where they went have their peculiarities, and not only from a gastronomic viewpoint!
    Btw, it's rather likely that among the selection of mixed entrees there was also the tuna "lattume" as it's called, which is rather popular in CF and is often used as one of many different "antipasti".
    So, you might actually have tried that already, though I can't swear that we had it that specific evening.

    @ Hurricane: since a couple of years, the former St.Catherine was joined by her sistership St.Helen.
    The two ferries are now fully replacing the previous Sibilla and Vesta, which you might remember to have seen.

    A very entertaining video, many thanks for informing us.
    The only drawback is that it made me feel old, because I spent the summer after the high school and before the uni in Alghero, joining my cousin who back then was running a restaurant there, working for him as a waiter. That's some 40 years ago, no less...
    And back then, I had a chance to meet most of what I used to call "colleagues" of other restaurants. Benito was one of them, also because he was a close friend of my cousin.
    Unfortunately, I lost contact with him after that summer. And while it's nice to see that he's still at the forefront, God, did the time take its toll...
    ...which is pretty much the same he would tell of myself, I can easily guess!
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    Default Re: Hairy Bikers do Sardinia

    Quote Originally Posted by MapisM View Post
    ?........... God, did the time take its toll...
    ...which is pretty much the same he would tell of myself, I can easily guess!
    Haha, I think anyone of us with 40 years since school would look a bit tatty

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