Depends where you cruise. Most of the world has none of the flat, sheltered harbors we enjoy at home. In Auckland and Noumea, I had green water over the bow. A couple of 12 inch cleats held down by half inch bolts sheared off in Noumea. Only tying to the keel stepped mast saved the boat. Make sure your cleats have back up plates. They should be as strong as the biggest line you can use on them. Ditto chocks. Then get the biggest bow line you can use.
Where chafe is a problem, a couple feet of chain, to take the line clear of the hull, then rope, eliminates chafe, especially good if you have to leave the boat somewhere for any length of time. Chain on the dock end also works.
With a sail boat and two spring lines, one fender has worked well for me over the last 40 years.