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    Default Anti-fouling - Recommendations

    HI Guys

    As the boat is on the hard for a rather unfortunate argument with a reef.. I am taking the change to re-antifoul. Would you be able to give recommendations for an anti foul that can be put on several weeks before getting wet (no idea when it will be back in water), will go over old anti foul (no idea what was used) and can be applied by roller.

    We dont have massive fouling issues here I dived the boat 6 months after it was last antifouled and the prop was a bit crusty and the underside of the boat cleaned up with very little effort (small amount of surface slime) the water temp rarely gets over 25deg and the marina flushes very well. Its expected a lift out once over 1-2 years here (unless you hit something of course!)

    Boat is 45ft and does no more than about 23kts which we will rarely go.

    Looking forward to hearing your views


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    Default Re: Anti-fouling - Recommendations

    Hempel hard racing. ��
    Just had my boat lifted and 10mths sat in Holes Bay Poole gave me a slight covering of slime which easily jet washed off.
    About £70 a tin from Force4. Enough to do two coats of a 23ft fast Fisher.
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    Default Re: Anti-fouling - Recommendations

    While it is common to apply antifoul just before you launch, most can be applied weeks or even months before immersion. It will tell you clearly on the tin or the data sheet.

    Impossible to recommend a particular product without knowing what is available where you are and what is found to be successful.

    Your best bet is to ask locally - other users, local suppliers and possibly manufacturers so you understand the differences between the types and can make an informed choice for your particular circumstances.


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