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    Default Re: Westerly Storm vs. Dehler31 - any opinions?

    I'm sure if I spent time balancing her a but better I might manage a bit better but she's got quite flat sections aft and a spade rudder so not a lot to help directional stability.

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    Default Re: Westerly Storm vs. Dehler31 - any opinions?

    In post#25 I suggested that some understanding of basic design characteristics might help in making a choice of boat to suit poposed usage. Yesterday I happened to read the May 2013 comparative test of the Dehler 35SQ and Jeanneau 379, chosen because they were seen as 2 different ways of spending around £135k new on a mid 30s' boat.

    The summary is very revealing - to quote from the "how does she sail" bit


    " general she felt fantastic, responding with alacrity to every tweak of a sheet, every degree of helm, every inch of backstay, and I felt I was really plugged into the boat. I also felt I was hanging onto her at times. and it was a long way down to the leeward side if I lost my footing - but overall she was tremendous fun to sail."


    " There was a notable sense of calm. She sat on her chine, rarely heeling beyond 20 degrees, and the twin rudders kept her going in a straight line.There was no-one tending either main or jib sheet because it wasn't necessary. She's restful, not as stimulating, but I felt better protected."

    Which boat would you choose for a couple for cruising? And how can you suss this out when looking at different boats without sailing them?

    The above comments illustrate very well the implications of a couple of key design statistics, Sail Area/Displacement and Displacement/Waterline, particularly the former in this case.

    Boat Disp/WL SA/Disp

    Dehler 185 23.4

    Jeanneau 184 18.7

    The Dehler weighs nearly 2 tons less, but has a slightly greater sail area and requires more gear to control the power the extra area can generate.

    These boats clearly fulfill different design briefs and would be unlikely to feature on the same short lists.

    Relating this to the question in this thread, the statistics of the boats in question are

    Boat Displ/WL SA/Disp

    Storm 256 16.7

    Dehler 31 220 19.3

    Dehler 34 194 18.5

    Not quite as extreme as the newer boats but still the same pattern and observations by owners reflect those differences.

    Just to bring things up to date and to illustrate how this approach informed my choice in the 32-34' range. The Dehler 34 has figures of 187 and 20 compared with the boat I bought (Bav 33) at 208 and 16.5.

    Obviously there is more to choosing a boat than 2 figures, but they are a useful guide to the differences in the way boats behave and how they might suit your style of sailing.
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