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    Default Re: Purchase advice - Maxum 2100 SC or similar - Christchurch bay

    Although a tidy looking boat, you would need to go with caution, as with any American boat of this type. Remember they simply aren’t built or intended for uk coastal waters. Take care and weather planning would be a must. Those particular boats are not comfortable in any chop.
    Secondly and perhaps better news...the Merc 5.0 mpi is a fantastic engine. Really powerful and more economical than any similar power diesel. That’s a fact. Diesel is of course cheaper though. My 5.0 mpi will see my boat cruise at 27mph at only 2400 rpm and using 19 litres per hour. That about or less than £1 per mile. Fantastic.
    Servicing is simple. Not quite as the normal Merc v6 and v8s, but not far off.
    Apart from the usual oil, filter and fuel filter annual change, you need to really keep an eye on the delicate electrical side. The Idle air control valve, throttle position sensor and distributor cap are known weak points and will let you down at some point. The plugs are iridium variants and although expensive, don’t need changed every year.
    Another great advantage is that these can be used with the smart craft or vessel view mobile or tablet app to show you engine diagnostics and loads of running details.
    Main thing is how economical they are thoigh and the power they give compared to older carb models and diesels.

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    Default Re: Purchase advice - Maxum 2100 SC or similar - Christchurch bay

    Hi Lee

    I've been running a Maxum 2100 in the Solent for the past 4 years as our first boat and had a great time with it.

    We looked at loads of boats before buying the Maxum and as others will tell you on here every boat is a compromise. The Maxum isn't great in a chop but my question to you is simple. Are you likely to be out playing if the weather isn't ideal ? As our first boat this was all about selling boating to the family. We choose our days carefully (looking for days when the sea state is either calm or slight) and have had a blast. The family are totally bitten and my challenge now is keeping them off the boat, and yes that includes my wife !

    My annual maintence bill is normally about £300 / £400 and sensible use of the throttles gives me circa 15lph. I've had 42 knots showing on the gps from the 5.0mpi and the silly grin to prove it.

    My family particularly likes the cuddie cabin as a place to get changed after swimming, getting out of the sun, or somewhere to put all the gear that you always seem to have whilst boating. However, it's small and we have never overnighted in it. Using the loo can be a bit of a challenge !

    In summary I'd say to you just go for it. You can analyse things to death and will ALWAYS find someone who can tell you why your choice of boat is not ideal. Remember, the chances are that if you enjoy it you will want a bigger boat within a short period of time. I do. Boats always shrink when you add water ....

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