Sounds great , I have noticed a bit of a rival of folks doing up / refitting / modernising older classic lined boats in the SoF .
Last year I had two cold callers enqure if they could buy mine .
One via e- mail another doc walking .
Knacks getting the base boat right ,
I have a friend with a Arneson ,pair of Seatek 600 Hp,s —- I think they only did 1 SHawk 50 ,in that variant ? He claims 65 knots .
Bit of s labour of love ripe for a make over — there’s allways water in the hydraulic s to sort and the seals on the drives ,
You can see here the starboard face plate ,he,s knackered one and lost another of the hex / Allen grub screws ,
Behind that is the leaky seal .

So I guess Trimax is the way to go with surface drive s

Newer FP genys are good these days great choise , we had an older one ,it needed a bit of TLC , terrible anode design I made it last . They have solved that issue now .

What are doing with the interior —- high gloss and cream carpets dare I ask ?

There’s a Magnum 70 here in La Nap , Moored oppersite to a Itama 75 , .
Often wonded what would happen if they went out together for a show down
The Mags been away most of last year . It’s been here @ least 10 + years

Anyways good luck with the test