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    So I did something that I don't usually do and clicked on a banner advert for Curren Watches as they seemed to be on a good discount. A bit intrigued to find that the price was in dollars and it seemed that there were some good deals from this exclusive company. For example the Military Black watch was reduced from $300 to $27 including postage.
    Thinking that this was too good to be true I did a quick Google and found out that you can buy the same watch for 17.99 including postage from Amazon UK.

    Now, they may be excellent watches but I wouldn't want anyone to buy one thinking that they were getting a great bargain!

    And why am I posting this on the PBO Forum? Simples, there are more people on this forum.
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    Just had a look at them on Amazon. If you look at the small print then you will find the ad says the 3 small dials are not functional and are for decoration only!

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    Lidl have a selection of cheap watches from time to time. They seem to keep time accurately... that's what counts . The small dials on my Lidl watch are all functional.


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