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    Default Long-term storage ashore

    We will be putting our Oyster 406 ashore in a boatyard, mast down and with a cover on, for around 10 months prior to sailing her from the Netherlands to Portugal next year. In all liklihood we will not be able to visit her during that time, but a friend will be able to keep an eye on her. Any suggestions on how to prepare her or other considerations we should take into account?

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    Default Re: Long-term storage ashore

    Empty and clean the fuel and water tanks. Remove a hose from a low down seacock and leave the valve open, limits the height any water can reach should you get any water coming in. Disconnect all leads from the battery and arrange for either a trickle charger or for a maintenance charge to be done on a regular basis. Wipe all surfaces down with light bleach solution before leaving to minimise mildew or mould. Open every door and locker for ventilation and try and arrange for some form of ventilation from the outside. Remove all soft furnishings to somewhere warm and dry. Remove all food and drink. Put sails in for a clean and storage with a sail maker. Winterise engine (and generator?) Flush saltwater side of engine cooling with antifreeze solution.

    Alternatively berth it in Plymouth and lend me the keys! May even deliver!



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