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    Thanks all.
    Yes a buhk 48, I've taken the starter load is the most it should have to handle and should be built for that.
    I've used the calculator before but was making sure I hadn't missed anything, all the cable runs are short 1 to 2m

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    Quote Originally Posted by VicS View Post
    But the OP wants the installation to be capable of engine starting from the leisure battery bank. That will require cable capable of carrying the full starter motor current and is, no doubt, why PR was asking about the engine.
    Yes, that's right.

    ITYWF that the OP has a Bukh 48 engine (with a 1 kW starter motor). and for which the exiting/ original battery wiring is spec'd as 50mm² (0 AWG)

    50mm² seems fairly generous as 50mm² battery cable is rated at 345 amps and has a resistance of 0.0004 ohms per metre

    I would therefore use the same size cable ( 50mm²) for wiring the leisure bank to the isolator and for the negative earth, retaining the existing cable between the engine and the isolator unless of course the exiting cables are unexpectedly long in which case they would be better up rated, together with the new cabling, to something heavier based on the total lengths involved
    I agree that 50mm is generous, but i'd also use it if the original cable is 500mm, makes sense to keep it all the same.
    Rainbow Marine.

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