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    Default Re: Swelling and bulging at seams.

    Could it be that the glass skin has held the 'wet' in, thus causing delamination between the layers? I've had similar on my carvel boat I think, and have worked to remove the epoxy coating below the waterline, fortunately finding only a tiny piece where damage had occurred. Now that I've run out of time to achieve full removal, I'm lining up a 'bead blaster'for the Autumn, to take the hull back to wood, then start from scratch. I should say, the 'damage' is more in the eye of the beholder, than to 3rd parties.
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    Default Re: Swelling and bulging at seams.

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainGIT View Post
    Sorry for the late reply, just had the boat hauled out and have been busy with the usual.

    Thank you for the information, and advice. As for more information...

    It's an Alan Wright nova 28, triple ply kauri, with a glass skin.

    None of the areas sound dead, which certainly would suggest delamination. I might have to cut away some of the grp, and have a look.
    The streaks from the bulges suggest there is water in there. You are right, the first thing to do is remove the coating so you can get back to the sheathing and inspect. Just guesswork until you open it up.

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